Dit Da Jow Manufacture

DAO Holistic Dit Da Jow Production & Maceration Process Nineteen Authentic DaoDi Herbs Sealed in Foil Bags Until Made into Dit Da Jow Weighing of Hong Hua Calibrated Balance Dit Da Jow herbs before milling Authentic DaoDi Herbs Herbs milled and thoroughly mixed Milling increases surface area Herbs before and after milling Milled herbs more […]

Dit Da Jow / Hit Wine

Dit Da Jow / Full Hit Wine What is Dit Da Jow / Hit Wine? Dit Da Jow / Hit Wine is a traditional Chinese liniment (Northern Shaolin) made on site at Dao Holistic in the UK. Dit Da Jow / Hit Wine (Northern Shaolin) uses a unique blende of nineteen Authenticated Dao Di Chinese […]

Dit Da Jow Ingredients

Dit Da Jow Ingredients Dit Da Jow (Northern Shaolin) Dit Da Jow liniment (Northern Shaolin) can be used externally for all sorts of pain conditions and injuries including bruising, muscle tears, ligament injuries and broken bones. When applied, it can help reduce pain and start the healing process. For broken bones and fractures, it is […]